Dubai Summer Events Calendar

For those who are planning to spend the summer in Dubai, and for tourists who want to take advantage of the summer prices for hotels, a special program of events has been developed.

In mid-June, with a celebration at the World Trade Center, a series of events for the children and the whole family of “Modhesha World” will begin. Modhesh is a sunny spring that has become a symbol of summer Dubai. The Modhesh World program is designed for 2.5 months. The holy month of Ramadan this year will begin on June 29 and end on July 27, and the holiday of Eid al-Fitr, respectively, will last from July 28 to August 1. In this regard, the traditional shopping festival "Summer Surprises" will begin on August 2 and will last until September 5.

During Ramadan, a significant part of the events will be devoted to Islamic culture. In the last two weeks of the holy month, a separate shopping mini-festival will be held, during which buyers will be able to buy gifts at favorable prices that people give each other, and especially children, after the end of the post.

For the 17th time, the Summer Surprises shopping festival, Dubai residents and visitors will find not only pleasant prices, but also many entertainment programs.

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