Dubai police closed 10 thousand suspicious accounts on social networks

10 thousand accounts on social networks were closed by the Dubai police due to suspicions of cybercrime.

Dubai police have blocked 10,000 social media accounts due to cybercrime cases since the beginning of 2017. During the same period, she recorded 83 reports of threats and blackmail.

On Wednesday, police launched a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of extortion. The initiative is held with the participation of Deputy Director of the Investigation Department, Colonel Muhammad Akel Ahli, Director of Security Butti Ahmed bin Darwish Al-Falasi and Gai Sultan Al Muhairi, Director of the Dubai Educational Zone.

Colonel Ahly said the campaign, which will last two months, aims to raise public awareness of the dangers of extortion, as well as the penalties that may threaten the perpetrators.

The initiative will be implemented by the Dubai police in coordination with many government departments and agencies.

Al-Falasi emphasized that this is one of the most important campaigns carried out by the Dubai police, as social media is turning into a public space. He also urged those who are exposed to any threats on social networks to report this to the police.

Al Muhairi noted that the Dubai Educational Zone is accumulating resources to ensure the achievement of the goals of the campaign.

The campaign will target a range of sectors, including schools and universities, by conducting informational interviews by cybercrime experts, as well as by placing banners on government websites. The campaign will also target the sports sector.

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