McLaren has relied on the "spider"

Continuing to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the McLaren Automotive concern introduced the anniversary versions of the MP412C coupe and roadster. Models of a special series, released in a circulation of 50 copies each, were named McLaren 50 12C and McLaren 50 12C Spider. In general, according to manufacturers, the release of a special series will be limited to 100 copies.

Advanced technologies were developed by the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) division, which is responsible for special projects, together with a team of designers led by chief designer Frank Stephenson.

From the usual versions, the anniversary coupe and roadster are distinguished by improved aerodynamics. Models equipped with a bumper created using computational fluid dynamics methods, which significantly increases downforce in the area of ​​the front of the car.

The front bumper air intakes are made of carbon fiber. The bottom of the front of the anniversary version is made from Kevral, which is also used in the development of racing cars. A special series of coupe and roadster equipped with carbon ceramic brakes. The model received lightweight rims (19-inch on the front axle and 20-inch on the rear), which reduced its weight by 2 kg. Like the standard modification, the McLaren 50 12C and McLaren 50 12C Spider features an eight-cylinder gasoline engine with two 628 horsepower turbines, which allows you to accelerate from standstill to 100 km in 3.1 seconds.

Cars are presented in three colors: silver Supernova Silver, black Carbon Black and orange McLaren Orange.

In addition, among the changes it is worth noting the more streamlined shape of the front bumper, carbon fiber and Kevlar trim elements, new leather upholstery with carbon accents and special floor mats. A plate is installed on the door on the driver's side: a special sign on it indicates that the car belongs to the anniversary series, released in a limited edition. Owners of exclusive copies will receive a special key in a carbon fiber gift box with an artistic seal and the signature of McLaren Automotive chief designer Frank Stephenson, as well as a black-silver case with monograms.

Sales of the anniversary car series will begin on September 2 after the official celebration of the anniversary of the McLaren concern.

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