Motivation for action

"Cunning thoughts lurk under sweet expressions: So, from a smoker tobacco often smells of perfume," said Kozma Prutkov.

Personally, I was always interested in what lies in the thoughts of women perfumers and men perfumers creating compositions for the strong half of humanity. Should fragrances be strong and recognizable? Or unique and memorable? Or just awakening feelings and emotions? Until now, the best "noses" of the world have not discovered the universal secret of how a man of our time should smell. Therefore, they continue to improve and complement the recipes of the perfumes they once created.

This is what the Azzaro brand did, introducing a modern interpretation of Pour Homme. The composition Night Time, built on notes of bitter orange, green rhubarb, nutmeg, pepper and cedar, is designed for night hangers, accustomed to tempt women at the first appearance. The fragrance is perfect for playing and flirting!

No less hot nights are promised by the new Davidoff Hot Water Night perfume, which also became a repetition of the past. Deep and soulful, it is based on the attraction of opposites - ambergris and agar tree. In his heart is the mysterious world of the East.

The mysterious melody Greene Street from the Italian fashion house Etro refers us to the bohemian lifestyle in the famous New York district of Soho. Its composition contains notes of pink pepper, nutmeg, basil, musk and talc. Oriental and spicy aroma suitable for sophisticated fashionistas.

Life for men is always an obstacle race that does not tolerate any stops. Benetton’s refreshing bouquet of Let's Move toilet water was invented for people with a sporty and energetic character who are confidently striding towards a given goal. A true aroma of optimism and success!

Specialists of the famous French House Lolita Lempicka created the perfume series Illusions Noires, where, of course, you should pay attention to the classic masculine perfumes Ai Masculin, 21 belonging to the family of oriental woody aromas. The composition of the sensual composition includes woody notes of agar and licorice flowing into a deep palette of sweet ingredients.

The rich and at the same time airy aroma of Tiziana Terenzi from Ecstasy is an oriental woody composition with shades of pine and spruce wood, bewitching incense, roses and violets. Strong and strict, he is suitable for a couple who decided never to leave.

For 40 years of its existence, the French House of Diptyque fragrances, perhaps, has outgrown the title of legend. This year, the famous scents and candles made from natural scented mixtures can be found in the updated packaging. They will be a wonderful gift for those who are not used to go unnoticed.

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