Russian kitchen

Bolshoi / Hotel Moscow

The performance of the cabaret show will cheer you up, the songs of famous artists will evoke a memory of your homeland. You can order your favorite song.

Opening hours: 21.00-02.00

Tel .: 04 228 8222

Troyka / Hotel Ascot

The atmosphere of the restaurant is conducive to holding friendly parties and family celebrations. Live music. Dance and entertainment program. Order your favorite songs. On Thursdays and holidays - a buffet.

Opening hours: from 12.00-15: 00, 20.00-03.00

Tel .:04 352 0900

SUVOROFF / Jumeirah Beach Residence

Restaurant of national Russian cuisine near the sea, it is convenient to stop for lunch after visiting the beach. Cozy atmosphere, pleasant service. Home delivery food.

Opening hours: 09.00-02.00 Tel: 04 437 0105

PUSHKIN / Jumeirah Beach Residence

"Pushkin" is a restaurant of real Russian cuisine in Dubai with an interior in the style of the Golden Age of Russian culture with three cozy rooms and an outdoor terrace. It is also possible to order food and drinks home or in the office. Opened in May 2011.

Opening hours: 10.00 - 00.00 Tel: 04 427 02 68

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