Emirates introduces an additional fee for choosing a seat in the cabin

ON OCTOBER 3, EMIRATES AIRLINE, the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, begins to charge an additional fee for pre-selection of seats on board the aircraft.
The surcharge applies to the most budget economy-class fares, the amount varies depending on the duration of the flight. The fee will be charged for choosing a place before the start of online registration, which opens 48 hours before departure. When flying a short distance (for example, flights from Dubai to the Gulf countries, India), the fee for choosing a seat will be 50 dirhams per adult passenger ($ US 14) and 25 dirhams (US $ 7) - per child. For a medium-distance flight (for example, flights to Southeast Asia, Europe), an adult passenger will have to pay 100 dirhams (US $ 27), and a child - 50 dirhams (US $ 14). On long-haul flights (Brazil, USA, Australia), the fee will be 150 dirhams (US $ 40) and 75 dirhams (US $ 20), respectively. Only children under two years of age and their accompanying persons are exempted from the fee.

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