Exhibition "Life is Short, Art is Forever", Dubai, UAE

Russian artists will take part in the exhibition "Life is short, art is eternal" in Dubai.

Location:Dubai Art Hub Gallery Dubai
Organizer: Art Hub Gallery Dubai
Phone:+971 55 166 7919 / +971 55 302 6401
  • Free admission
  • Time spending:10.00 - 19.00
    The date of the:October 31, 2017 - November 06, 2017

    Dubai Art Hub Gallery Dubai, located in d3, invites you to the exhibition "Life is short, art is eternal" (Vita Brevis, Ars Eternus). The collective exposition will feature works by 11 international artists, including Russians Anastasia Yablokova.

    As conceived by the authors, there is a need to remind the public that art makes us stop in the noisy stream of life and think about eternal values, learn to value the present moment and elusive time.

    According to the organizer of the exhibition Antanas Saviskis, the exhibition will feature two types of art - that which represents the strength and power of art, and that which demonstrates the fragility and finiteness of human life.

    Watch the video: Exhibition - No One There ft. Julian Casablancas 'Official Video' (March 2020).