Pandora introduced a new spring jewelry collection

This spring, Pandora inspires all women to search for their nature in new jewelry.

Spring has come, and nature is awakening. The new PANDORA Spring 2018 collection pays tribute to its most important details: the golden rays of sunlight, the purity of water and the beauty of the spring flora and fauna.

Stunning design and carefully selected materials reflect the PANDORA brand concept, as well as the inherent nature of femininity, inspiring women to shine brightly this spring.

Rainbows and streams symbolizing emotions and new beginnings come to life in the spring PANDORA jewelry collection in a magnificent color palette. The Promise of Spring series is an entire universe of exciting details - from wildflowers to gorgeous little creatures.

Splashes of blue find themselves in the collection's aquatic products. Minimalist forms and intricate details shine as symbols of life and renewal, raising wonderful feelings to the surface.

Elegant stones, living forms and wavy lines resembling streams of water, instantly catch your eye.

One of the brightest additions to the spring look is jewelry with bees made of PANDORA Shine alloy.

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