Advertising banned from surgery in Dubai

All medical institutions in Dubai were banned from showing any surgical procedures in advertising their services on social networks.

On the eve of the Dubai Health Authority issued a decree restricting any video filming during the operation, as this violates the patient’s privacy, even if the operated person gave his consent to the shooting.

In addition, the survey can cause infection and distract the surgeon during the operation.

The regulator was forced to accept this ban after cases of strangers being in operating rooms filming the process on camera became more frequent. Then these videos got to social networks: Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter and were used to advertise clinics.

"Such actions can reduce the concentration of the doctor and nurses during the operation, and also constitute a clear violation of the rules to prevent the spread of infection," said Dr. Marwan Al Mullah, Head of the Department of Health at DHA.

“If a person has not received special permission to visit the operating room, or if he does not have a medical education, he poses a potential threat to the patient’s life and health. The authorities strive to achieve the highest standards of quality and safety when providing services to patients, constantly exchange information with strategic partners among private medical facilities. "

"We will ensure that people are aware of any changes to the rules regarding the health and safety of services provided to patients."

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