Dubai car numbers will be able to call emergency services on their own

Smart car numbers in Dubai will be able to call the police and ambulance in emergency situations.

Vehicles equipped with new smart car numbers in Dubai will automatically send a warning to the police and emergency centers in emergency situations, the Emirate’s Office for Roads and Transportation (RTA) said.

Next month, Dubai will be the first city in the world to launch this pilot project based on the Tag2Connect (T2C) platform.

The system, which was presented at the Dubai Achievements Exhibtion (DIGAE) in Dubai, involves replacing the existing metal ones with smart numbers on cars, equipping GPS vehicles, transmitters and a chip.

Based on Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technologies, the T2C platform will provide direct, continuous real-time communication between vehicles and the Traffic Monitoring Center. Continuous communication will help cars interact with each other, as well as with authorities, transferring data to a central system.

“This function will help us to study the behavior of drivers, track the movement of the vehicle, and also help the driver conduct unhindered operations with various authorities. Another advantage is that the system will send automatic alerts to the relevant authorities in case of emergency,” Sultan Al said. -Marzuki, Director of Licensing at RTA.

He added that tests will be conducted before the end of this year.

Another unique initiative of the agency is a blockchain project that will help RTA keep track of the entire history of the vehicle. Within its framework, the interests of manufacturers, dealers, stations, insurers, licensing authorities, police and vehicle owners meet. The system will provide transparency in the used car market.

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