Dubai Airport offers passport control in 10 seconds

At Terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport, new Smart Gate turnstiles have been installed.

Dubai, UAE. 20 new Smart Gate turnstiles are installed at Terminal 1 of Dubai International Airport. New turnstiles were installed in the arrivals area, while previously 10 more were installed in the departure area. The project is implemented by the General Directorate for Residency and International Affairs and Emaratech.

Currently, a total of 127 Smart Gate turnstiles operate in Dubai’s main international aviation harbor, thanks to which passport control time has been reduced to 10-15 seconds. Smart systems designed for Emirates ID owners have also helped to significantly reduce queues for live passport control.

The directorate reminded that the system of Smart Gate can be used by all residents of the UAE over 15 years old, as well as citizens of the GCC and some countries that are eligible for a UAE visa upon arrival. In 2017, the number of users reached 5.5 million passengers. No additional cards need to be issued anymore - just a passport, Emirates ID or QR barcode created in the directorate’s mobile application.

Watch the video: Complete passport check at Dubai airport in just 15 seconds! (March 2020).