Dubai Lost & Found Offers US $ 1 Million Values

Dubai police auctioned off a Vertu phone and 11 thousand pairs of watches from the lost property office.

Dubai, UAE. Dubai police auctioned unclaimed items from the lost property for a total of US $ 1 million: including a Vertu phone worth 60 thousand dirhams (US $ 16.3 thousand), 11 thousand pairs of watches, 1,679 tablets, 1,217 cameras and 639 laptops.

Also, the owners never contacted the Lost and Found for lost water skis, a kayak and an electric generator. All items found are stored in the Dubai Police for a month - during this time, the owners have the opportunity to return them.

All things are carefully checked for criminal origin. If the owner located abroad seeks for the lost item, after verification it will be sent to him by mail.

It should be noted that hotels, shopping malls and residents of the country turned in things to the lost property office. Values ​​found by the police include a marriage certificate and a 60-inch TV in the original packaging.

In accordance with Law No. 5, anyone who finds valuables and money is required to bring them to the police within 48 hours. Otherwise, the finder will be prosecuted.

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