Between yesterday and tomorrow

New Year. A special holiday. Dividing the life of each person by an invisible border. “Let all the bad things remain last year, and the good things go along with me the next year,” we think, each time raising the glasses of champagne to the battle of the Kremlin chimes. There is some kind of mysticism in this annual date that puts an end to yesterday and opens the door to tomorrow. And we rarely think about the fact that, by and large, every moment of our life is that very present, which in a moment will go into the past and become the future. You can believe or not believe in signs, but leap years, for some reason, become the most difficult in human history. They account for the largest number of disasters, crises and losses. The past 2008, alas, fell into the same category. Toward the close of this leap year, Russia lost the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II, the Russian ambassador Andrei Zakharov left us in the Emirates, the global financial crisis erupted, there were many other heavy and not particularly losses. Probably, they were somehow balanced by the same number of joys, because everything in the world is balanced, but many still relieved the 2008th and met the 2009th with hopes for the best.

New Year. Winter vacation. The associated trips, numerous funs and trips to guests, the intriguing rustle of gift paper and all other attributes of a real holiday. Then comes the time of magical Christmas. And again - traditional treats, snow slides, even in the Emirates, a sea of ​​gifts and sincere, almost childish, beating over the edge of joy. And if we still believe in miracles and in the fact that no one has canceled the holidays, we can deeply regret the loss and wholeheartedly rejoice at success, which means that not everything was so gloomy in ours yesterday and our tomorrow is not so foggy.

So it's time to open all the windows and doors. After all, the Festival returned to the city. It's time to turn to face nature and begin, finally, to take care of it. It's time to take care of yourself and "from Monday" go to the gym, switch to a healthy diet and quit smoking. It's time to start proud of your children, because they are ours tomorrow. It is time to accept the coming year with all its future events as it is, because this is our present. The one that holds us between the past and the future. And while it is there, we will live!

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