Where are you going, Odysseus?

More precisely, where. Middle East Honda Motors Co. (Middle East) announced the sale of new models of compact and beautiful minivans Honda Odyssey 2011 for sale in the branded salons of the Persian Gulf countries. The Honda Odyssey model range seeks to revise the concept of minibuses and provides the new 2011 model with an exclusive appearance. The Honda Odyssey is more comfortable and spacious, and modern technology takes this minivan to a whole new level.


Outside, the new Honda Odyssey from the 2011 lineup looks sporty and fit. Its wheelbase is no different from last year's model with the exception of a wider gauge. The independent suspension design remains the same, but Honda engineers modified it to better isolate passengers from noise.

Many automakers have switched to electric steering pumps, but the Honda Odyssey power steering has remained the traditional hydraulic. As you would expect, to help the driver, the amplifier works more at low speeds. At higher speeds, the system automatically reduces help and at the same time reduces resistance harmful to the engine.

2011 Honda Odyssey disc brakes on all four wheels have increased in size. The wheels themselves also grew an inch. Touring and Touring Elite models are equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels, and the remaining versions of the Honda Odyssey with 17-inch steel wheels. The spare wheel is hidden between the front seats. The curb weight of the 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite is about two tons. LX models weigh 200 kg lighter. However, according to the company, the new Honda accelerates to 100 km per hour, as before, in 8.5 seconds.

Under the hood

Under the hood of the Honda Odyssey, a modified 24-valve 3.5-liter V6 engine is installed. To improve breathing, a new two-stage intake manifold is installed on the engine, and it develops a new motor of 248 horsepower, this is 4 liters. with. more than last year’s model. The 2011 Honda Odyssey has Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) installed. This technology allows you to disable 3 out of 6 cylinders when they are not needed. If the car moves at the same speed at low speeds, the system disables the rear V6 engine block and continues to drive on three cylinders, providing a more economical mode.

With smooth acceleration, the engine can run on four cylinders - two from the front block, two from the rear. Using electronics, the VCM system controls the operation of the valves, disabling the unnecessary Honda Odyssey engine in economy mode. The standard 5-speed gearbox is installed on all models except the Honda Odyssey Touring and Honda Odyssey Touring Elite, which are available on a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Much more important for owners of minibuses is fuel consumption, the efficiency of which the 2011 Honda Odyssey is just different. Models with a 5-speed gearbox (LX, EX and EX-L) consume 15.7 l / 100 km on the highway, 10.5 liters in the city, and in mixed mode 13.5 liters per hundred. Touring and Touring Elite models with a 6-speed automatic transmission consume 10 l / 100 km on the highway, 15 liters in the city and 12.8 liters per hundred in mixed mode.

The safety of the Honda Odyssey is also impressive. Standard safety equipment includes Stability Assist (VSA) systems, 4-channel ABS with electronic distribution and Brake Assist. The car is simply stuffed with airbags, in addition, the new Honda Odyssey is equipped with innovative Detection System technology, which disables the side airbags if a child is leaning against the door.

In the cabin

The interior of the novelty pleases with a beautiful finish, it is roomy and comfortable. The traditional center console is pleasant to the eye, on which audio controls and control of the navigation system are significantly improved compared to the previous version. The switches were replaced by round handles that were understandable to man. Analog tachometer and speedometer of the same size, combined with sensors for monitoring the temperature of the coolant and fuel level.

To avoid confusion, consider the hierarchy of Honda Odyssey models. The lineup begins with the LX. This is followed by the EX, EX-L, EX-L RES, and EX-L NAV models. The flagship models are the Honda Odyssey Touring and the Honda Odyssey Touring Elite introduced this year. Although all Honda Odyssey models are equipped with basic equipment, the multi-information display in the center and at the top depends on the configuration. The standard LX model is equipped with a basic set of devices. Somewhat better, 3-segment display complete the middle class - EX. But real full-color charm with an 8-inch QVGA display is installed on the EX-L and EX-L RES models, and an 8-inch VGA on EX-L Touring. Both are able to present a complete set of information, including navigation, audio, on-board computer, and even the choice of background image.

The rest of the Honda Odyssey's interior is a true dream for family trips. Sockets for 12 volts are located throughout the cabin, there are plenty of cup holders, of which there are 15 pieces on all models, and only 13 on the Honda Odyssey LX model. The nooks and crannies for storing things seem to be hidden behind almost any panel, and on the EX-L configuration and Touring even has a “Cool Box” for cooling drinks.

The seats of the driver and front passenger Honda Odyssey are equipped with folding armrests, and leather upholstery, heating and position memory depends on the configuration of the car. The second row of seats Honda Odyssey significantly changed compared to last year. The center of the three seats of the second row is 10 cm wider and can be moved to the front seats. Moreover, the three middle spots can be offset 4 cm from each other. All three places are folding and it is possible to remove them completely. The third row of seats has also been improved. This is an additional 3 cm of legroom and adult comfort. The entire row of seats folds easily, forming a level floor for carrying luggage.

The climate control on the Honda Odyssey LX version is dual-zone, and on all other modifications it is three-zone with automatic distribution of the set temperature. Vehicles equipped with a navigation system based on GPS data automatically adjust the fan speed to cool direct sunlight. The Honda Odyssey infotainment system, even in the simplest configuration, is very good. The basic audio package (LX model) includes AM / FM / CD with five speakers and a total power of 229-W. The next level, on EX and EX-L models, is additionally equipped with a hard disk for 2GB music files. When installing a navigation system on a Honda Odyssey, the space is increased to 15GB.

If we compare the Honda Odyssey with its closest competitor, the 2011 Toyota Sienna, it is immediately noticeable that in the third row of the new Honda minivan, adult passengers feel much more spacious. Both models, of course, significantly raised the bar, completely revising the concepts of their minibuses. Both cars offer comfort, with many amenities and entertainment for passengers, but the similarities end there. Compared to the Toyota Sienna, the 2011 Honda Odyssey models are more economical, and this is a solid advantage for a family car.

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