Unique ruby ​​weighing 150 kg put up for sale in Dubai

The 81-year-old businessman, Mohammed Jeta, decided to sell his uncut ruby ​​weighing 150 kg in Dubai.

He acquired a unique stone, which is considered one of the largest in the world, more than 20 years ago from miners from Tanzania. “The ruby ​​was kept in Dubai because it is not taxed here. Now I decided to sell it.

This stone is not easy to cut. But I am sure that real jewelers will be able to give it a new shape, and then it will become a wonderful decoration for a home or office. This is a unique ruby, and I hope that buyers will make me a decent offer, "said Mohammed Jeta.

In 2010, a giant ruby ​​owned by one of the English companies was recognized as the largest in the world and valued at US $ 17.3 million. However, it was later sold for US $ 12.6 m, after it turned out that its estimated The certificate has been tampered with.

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